Awarded Creative Freelancer Grant – West of England Combined Authority
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Shoe Zone Workshops I was lucky to be awarded a 'creative freelancer' grant by West...
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Shoe Zone – I’ve been given a shop for a year!
Coming Soon..... THE BRISTOL HUM RESEARCH CENTRE I'm taking over a closed down shop in...
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UK Robotics week – The Fumifugiums Orchestra wins a prize!
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The Fumifugiums Orchestra was one of the winning entrants in the the UK Robotics Week...
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A Day in the Life of the Fumifugium Air Pollution monitors.
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Data Readings from the four Honeywell Particulate sensors Below are four pdf's with a day...
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ongoing electronic noodling…
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Below are electronic music projects in progress. hand etched VCOPerfboard VCOradio transmitter sequencer
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