Art-Sci-Tech Workshops for Families, Adults and Children
A selection of some of my workshops
Drop-in community electronic workshops, Bristol

I was a lucky recipient of a West of England Combined Authority Grant. With this I ran a series of  six workshops drop-in electronics workshops for the local community in the old Shoe Zone shop, Broadwalk Shopping Centre, Bristol.

To complement these I’ve written 3 free downloadable booklets.

More details can about workshops HERE and booklets HERE

2021-12-18 16.28.40
Potato Powered Suns
A family workshop where we make ‘Potato Suns, with a parboiled potato that created enough current to run a small led light. Based on my Potato Powered Cosmos project.
potato sun
Making a Multi-Verse
Family workshop where me made motor controlled spinning universes. These were collected together from a giant spinning multiverse!
spinning universes
A workshop for women as part of the Women at Work, then and now project. Making an led circuit to make an acrylic box that lights-up. Each box had a personal laser etched image of a women who is important to the participant on it. These were then displayed at the Assembly exhibition in Enfield.
Smutty Atoms
A fun and very silly workshop imagining the most imaginative and dastardly schemes of getting rid of air pollution. Using air ink (ink made from car exhaust fumes). As part of Fire Exhibition at Royal West of England Academy, Bristol
Wonder under the Westway
A workshop with teenagers from Kensington Aldridge Academy in West London where we imagining a liveable structures of the future under the Westway motorway that took potential consequences of climate change into account.
Fumifugium Instruments
Making instruments we part of Fumifugium Orchestra project.
2020-03-14 15.24.07-1

Lastly, a workshop that holds a special and  emotional place in my heart. This was a workshop for the local community run outside our art studio two days after the Grenfell Tower fire.

My studio was 200 metres from the tower, it loomed large presence. This was the only way I felt I could contribute; a place to congregate, mourn, share and be together.

The paintings done were laminated and placed on the railings as you can see in the photograph. They stayed there for two years until they were eventually taken into an archive about the tragedy.