Online STUDIO SHOP – launching End June 2021.

The things I make for STUDIO SHOP will reflect my focus on art and science. I am an art/sci/tech evangelist and aim to show how awe inspiring these subjects are with beauty and playfulness.

What will be in STUDIO SHOP?

Everything will be based on my art/sci projects. I hope you may have some time to peruse them through the ART PROJECTS page. There will be a range of collections starting with drawings and wearables by the end of May 2021.

The Future

Pre-Covid I was teaching art/science workshops. They are an integral part of all my projects and very important to me.  I aim to encourage those under-represented in this field, particularly women. I will also be teaching online (and in-person) workshops in the future.


I used my lifelong love of origami and soot to find a parallel with carbon’s role in evolution. Eat your heart out Darwin!

Coming soon are silk scarves, made in England, with a hand-sewn hem. Best quality possible.

The prestigious Connaught Hotel in London owns a suite of 15 paintings and prints of this series.


This is my latest collection of original drawings. They were made during 2020-21 as a response to Covid_19.

These characters sit out the pandemic with bubbles, shields and crystals of frozen time


This collection is inspired by my residency – ASSEMBLY.

I researched women who worked in the electronic industry from 1916.

I aim to celebrate the skill of the thousands of unknown women who made these beautiful objects.

They changed the world, it is an unknown history.

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