Studio News

  • Studio Snapshot – April 2021 – Mindbomb series #WIP
    The studio this month A quick video of my drawings so far. I finally put up some shelves in my studio and was really happy to get them all up and together. They've become a 'socially-distanced' crowd, bit of an oxymoron, I know.. The more I make of these, the...
  • UK Robotics week – The Fumifugiums Orchestra wins a prize!
    The Fumifugiums Orchestra was one of the winning entrants in the the UK Robotics Week 2020 Environment Making Challenge with SERAS (Skills and Robotics for Autonomous systems) through Sheffield University. I entered with the drawing and small video of the project.  I was really thrilled to win a prize of Arduino's,...
  • A Day in the Life of the Fumifugium Air Pollution monitors.
    Data Readings from the four Honeywell Particulate sensors Below are four pdf's with a day of data received from the four monitors (PDF’s) all taken on the same day - 19th December 2019. Each monitor took readings at different intervals, ranging from every second to every 30 seconds. The files...
  • Animation for Fumifugium project.
    Fumiorganism an animation using DeepDream generator to imagine the future of my studio space. For a fuller picture of the whole project visit Fumifugium page.
  • ongoing electronic noodling…
    Below are electronic music projects in progress. hand etched VCOPerfboard VCOradio transmitter sequencer
  • CERN, Switzerland – Invited Artist – High School Teachers Programme.
  • EarWormHole
    'Earwormhole  shown in a 'NanoPlex' installation under the stairs at Maxilla Studios a former Nursery School, London, March 2016.
  • CERN – UAL research trip award
    Photos taken during my UAL Research Trip Award to CERN, Geneva, Switzerland.