Shoe Zone – I’ve been given a shop for a year!

Coming Soon…..


I’m taking over a closed down shop in Broadwalk Shopping Centre, Knowle in Bristol. I am sharing with photographers Tom Skipp and David Griffiths.

Starting in 2022 I will be researching ‘The Bristol Hum.’

For decades people have complained of hearing a low-frequency noise throughout Bristol. It was comprehensively researched by Bristol Environmental Health department in the 1980’s, nothing was found…. And yet, it persists.

The Hum is still heard. It is actually a worldwide phenomenon, with a dedicated website and map

‘Shoe Zone’ will become ‘The Bristol Hum Research Centre.’ I want to encourage people to give their anecdotes. With their permission, I will be recording these and feeding into the project.

I already know several people who have heard The Hum.

I’m also very interested in the history, fiction, myth, hearsay of the Bristol Hum and will be exploring this too.

I’ll also be running workshops and experimenting with sound and electronics, looking at resonance, frequency and vibration.