Matthew Burrows Selects – Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop

Matthew Burrows Selects
Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop, London
Exhibition dates: 10 September — 2 October 2021

Images courtesy of Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop & Paul Tucker

Matthew Burrows MBE started the Artist Support Pledge at the beginning of the first Covid_19 lockdown in March 2020. It has become a very popular way for artists to sell work in the face of many income sources from galleries, running workshops and art fairs becoming unavailable.

This exhibition, held at Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop in London was 24 artists whose work he had liked that had taken part in the pledge. I was very lucky to be selected, in fact I was gobsmacked to be selected!

The premise of the pledge is simple. All works are to be £200 or less and when the artist has sold £1000 of work they pledge to spend £200 on another artists work/s. This has become a lifeline for many and has enabled artists to talk directly to collectors and set up a community of support.

Matthew Burrows MBE @matthewburrowsstudio
Finlay Abbott Ellwood @finlayabbottellwood
Sarah Poots @sarah_poots
Lloyd Durling @lloyddurling
Gordon Dalton @gordondalton666
Karl Bielik @karl_bielik
Benjamin Perrot @mrbenjaminperrot
Susan Absolon @susan.absolon
Jackie Askew @jackieaskew_painting
Michele Fletcher @michele_fletcher

Alex Jones @alexjonesart
Joe Packer @Joe_packer
Helen Booth @helenboothartist
Freya Purdue @freyapurdue
Russell Herron @Russell_herron_art

Gemma Cossey @gemmacossey
Joe Bloom @Joe_bloom
Adam Hennessey @a_d_a_m_h_e_n_n_e_s_s_e_y
The Baron Gilvan @thebarongilvan
Sarah Tew @sarahtewartist
Nick Maroussas @nickmaroussas
Jason Gregory @jgregorypainting
Stephen Dunne @stephendunnestudio
Melissa Kime @melissa.kime

Double Bagged for Safety – Smoke, graphite, iron gall ink on Board.

Image courtesy of Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop & Paul Tucker

This is the artwork that was selected for the exhibition.

The Feelers – smoke, graphite, iron gall ink – 2021

This is the artwork I made for the Artist Support Pledge especially for the exhibition. Pleased to say it sold at the Private View.