Studio Snapshot – April 2021 – Mindbomb series #WIP
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The studio this month A quick video of my drawings so far. I finally put up some shelves in my studio and was really happy to get them all up and together. They've become a 'socially-distanced' crowd, bit of an...
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I Blame The Nuns – My Background History
First brush with art. Aged six, at primary school, a nun in full long black habit and wimple, a painting of a cave, (no memory of why a cave). That’s the point I decided I liked art. The painting was...
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UK Robotics week – The Fumifugiums Orchestra wins a prize!
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The Fumifugiums Orchestra was one of the winning entrants in the the UK Robotics Week 2020 Environment Making Challenge with SERAS (Skills and Robotics for Autonomous systems) through Sheffield University. I entered with the drawing and small video of the project. ...
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