Awarded Creative Freelancer Grant – West of England Combined Authority

Shoe Zone Workshops

I was lucky to be awarded a ‘creative freelancer’ grant by West of England Combined Authority. This allowed me to hold a  series of six ‘drop-in’ beginner electronic workshops for the local community at the old Shoe Zone shop in Broadwalk Shopping Centre, Knowle, Bristol. The workshops were held between December 2021 and February 2022.

Participants made range of projects at the workshops listed opposite. They were a lot of fun to run!

See some of the photos below.


  • workshop 1: Make Hum Detector
  • workshop 2: Fairy Lights in a jar
  • workshop 3:Fairy lights in a jar
  • workshop 4: Make audio cable drop-in
  • workshop 5: audio cable and noise maker
  • workshop 6: ‘electric squeezer’ Joule thief

To compliment the workshops I have made three free downloadable booklet for anyone to try the projects at home. …..LINK HERE….

The Geiger OomPhing PCB

As part of the grant I was awarded some money to have professional electronic lessons with Dr. Tom Richards who is know for his recreation of Daphne Oram’s Oramics machine.

Tom helped me with the electronics for the Robotany project I am doing with University of Bristol. And, fantastically, as I’ve been wanting to do this for ages. He showed me how to make a PCB so I can make future projects more permanent and professional by taking them off of breadboards and onto PCB’s.

So, I have made the Geiger OomPhing. This board takes in the signal from a Geiger Counter and transfers it so that the signal will start different types of actuators like pumps and relays. This opens up lots of options for me in terms of playing around with Geiger triggered installations and instruments.

And. I think they’re really beautiful too!