Studio News

  • A Day in the Life of the Fumifugium Air Pollution monitors.
    Data Readings from the four Honeywell Particulate sensors Below are four pdf's with a day of data received from the four monitors (PDF’s) all taken on the same day - 19th December 2019. Each monitor took readings at different intervals, ranging from every second to every 30 seconds. The files...
  • Animation for Fumifugium project.
    Fumiorganism an animation using DeepDream generator to imagine the future of my studio space. For a fuller picture of the whole project visit Fumifugium page.
  • ongoing electronic noodling…
    Below are electronic music projects in progress. hand etched VCOPerfboard VCOradio transmitter sequencer
  • ASSEMBLY: Women at Work: Then and Now, Enfield
  • CERN, Switzerland – Invited Artist – High School Teachers Programme.
  • CERN video
  • CERN article – Science and Technology Facilities Council
    Potato Powered Cosmos by Stephanie Hills   UK artist Rachael Nee has been working with international teachers on the CERN High School Teacher programme to develop the Potato Powered Cosmos, an art-meets-science installation that demonstrates how CERN works, but not as you might expect. “This is CERN,” says Rachael pointing...
  • art@CMS sciART booklet – Potato Powered Cosmos
    Click on thumbnail to see the sciART booklet produced in collaboration with art@CMS, CERN and ex Head Science teacher Hugh Jones for scientific advice. The booklet is being launched at the 'Ultimate Recipe for Cosmic Soup' event in November at the Nehru Planetarium, Mumbai, India.  May take a minute to...