Data Readings from the four Honeywell Particulate sensors

Below are four pdf’s with a day of data received from the four monitors (PDF’s) all taken on the same day – 19th December 2019.

Each monitor took readings at different intervals, ranging from every second to every 30 seconds.

The files give readings of both PM2.5, which is the particulate size considered to be not good for your health. Also there is the PM10 range which is pollen size range.

What you can see is how the readings vary throughout the day. The government monitors give an average over 24 hours for their readings, I thought it would be interesting to see how this splits, so you can see the ‘higher highs’ and ‘lower lows’.

Overall as it was mostly winter the ranges were not as high as one would see in the summer. Sometimes you can see ‘waves’ of passing pollution due to the closeness of the readings, it would be interesting to know what these were, perhaps a badly tuned car or lorry for instance.

The monitors were all placed outside participating families houses or flats within 500 metres of The Westway.

Below is a chart giving the ranges of PM2.5 from  UK DEFRA . (Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs UK);  

PM2.5 Particles

Index 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Band Low Low Low Moderate Moderate Moderate High High High Very High
µgm-3 0-11 12-23 24-35 >36-41 >42-47 >48-53 54-58 59-64 65-70 71 or more


Monitor One

Monitor Two

Monitor Three

Monitor Four