The Covid_19 drawings

Or... how to survive a pandemic with a candle, matches and a bottle of ink


Like many artists, when we went into lockdown, my projects, both ongoing and future were cancelled alongside exhibitions. However, this created an opportunity to slow down and work on a series of drawings that I’d started a few years ago that re-emerged to seemed relevant to this moment in time.

I was extremely fortunate to have a space to work at home and thank my lucky stars that my family and friends have all got through ok, even the ones that caught Coronovirus.


MINDBOMBS. The title is pretty explanatory really. Who could say in their lifetime they would’ve seen this coming! The drawings reflect a certain amount of anxiety, that many of us are feeling. Along with the strange slippage in the sense of Time and isolation from nearest and dearest.

The words going through my head when I was making these were things like, protection, bubble, shield and so on. But also, companionship and solidarity. They’re quite unlike anything I normally do.

Fire, as always, is the go to medium for me. It is utterly transformative, it talks of Time, of no going back, life, birth, death and so on. We are living through a remarkable and scary time.