An Improbable Wait; Anti-Entropy Environment (v.1)


An Improbable Wait; Anti-Entropy Environment Version 1, 2015 (MA show UAL Chelsea)

Graphite, copper, tallow fat candle, potatoes, lead, No. 7 age reversal face serum, bottled water, medical drips, stainless steel bench,red iron oxide, balloons, porcelain, terracotta.

Entropy is a border and boundary breaker; a mixer-uperer in its progress from order to disorder and inevitably equilibrium. It causes disruption to systems and breaks things down. It reveals underlying uncertainties, stresses, tensions and anxieties.   There is a parallel between this thermodynamic law and the human condition in that it connects the cosmic to the corporeal and I am fascinated by this.

In ‘An Improbable Wait’ I look at entropy through the ageing process and how hopes and dreams are placed in the aspiration of ‘turning back the years’ through the personal transformation industry of cosmetics, diet and exercise.

With this in mind, I’ve ‘invented’ an anti-entropy environment, including; machine blueprints, elemental materials of the body, energy and electricity, ongoing experiments with weight, gravity and time, and a lotions and potions feeding/cooling system.

This is a folly in space and time to the idea of reversing entropy, which although statistically highly improbable is not impossible, you just have to wait long enough – I provided a bench.