Seasons Exhibition – Maxilla Space

Seasons Exhibition – Maxilla Space

I showed my artwork Events at the Seasons Exhibition in Maxilla Space. It was an exhibition of a wide range of artworks including video, sculpture, painting and performance shown by 55 Students and Alumni from; Turps Banana, Royal College of Art, Central St. Martins, Chelsea College of Arts, Falmouth University and Royal Academy Schools. Curated by Ana Carolina Rodrigues, Christopher Taylor and Krister Klassman


Friday 24th – Sunday 26th of March, 12 noon – 5 pm

Maxilla Space, 4 Maxilla Walk, London , W10 6NQ

At the moment of each equinox the Earth’s axis is perpendicular to the Sun’s rays. On any other day of the year, either the Northern Hemisphere or the Southern Hemisphere is increasingly closer to the sun. The angle of the earth’s axis is what gives us our seasons, it is what brings about change.

are proud to present a new four-part annual project Seasons, at Maxilla Space.

Seasons will launch with a weekend long exhibition opening on Thursday the 23rd of March. The week when the sun crosses the celestial equator, when day and night are of equal length. This marks the arrival of spring and is an occasion to celebrate.

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P V – Thursday, 23rd of March, 6-9 pm