Robotics and Everyday Life:

I’ve been selected to take part in three workshops through Brigstowe Institute which is a part of Bristol University.

The intentions is to set up interdisciplinary teams to discuss and formulate projects on the theme of Robotics and Everyday Life. The teams involve scientists, artists and community participants. I’m excited to see how this develops! The first workshop is 16th June 2021.

The workshop title and questions we are to discuss are:-

Autonomy and Anarchy: 

Are autonomous machines really autonomous?  Can they and should they be governed?  Controlled?  Organized?  By whom?  Or can machines organize themselves?  What does this mean for human organization?  Can robots have freedom?  What does it mean if we deny it?  If a machine is predictable, is it autonomous?  Can it surprise us?  Delight us?  Shock us?  How can everyday encounters with autonomous vehicles, AI and robots bring joy and serendipity?

Everyday elements – earth, water and sky:

Picture a world with robots everywhere, digging beneath us, swimming around or within us, flying above us.  Where is the balance between the functional and imaginative?  How can you recreate a sense of magnitude, immensity and awe?  Is there joy in a robot being in its element?  Is there romance in a robot fulfilling its craft?  How can you integrate the practicalities of robotics with the historical and cultural situating of earth, water and sky?

Sense and intelligence:

Whose sense and intelligence? Can a robot sense like a human?  Can it have sense?  What is intelligence and therefore what is artificial intelligence?  Do we need to rethink the underlying assumptions around what we consider ‘intelligence’ to be?