New Studio! BV Studios, Bristol

New Studio! BV Studios, Bristol

Settling in to my new studio at BV Studios in Bristol.

Settling in to my new studio @bvstudiosbristol, very belatedly, as I’ve mostly been working at home during lockdown. Am excited to get going at BV, it’s really great to be back (socially distancing obv) with friends. ⠀

Finally got these on the wall and playing around with how they hang. Ended up with this sort of flying formation, like kites ( bird?) or planes. Maybe I was taken to too many Red Arrows events when I was young !

When they were hanging up in my old studio in London I used to think of them more as shields.

They’re made with metal leaf and smoke – smoke shields. Interesting how the context can change how you see your own work. ⠀

BV Studios are are opposite Windmill Hill City Farm in Bedminster Bristol and house around 140 creative businesses. It was originally a printing works and Viz, 2000AD and the Big Issue were first printed there.